Ring-necked Parakeets

ring-necked parakeet
“Ring-necked Parakeets” taken in 2013. Copyright © Claire Yang

I was so lucky to have a chance to take this picture of this pair of ring-necked parakeets on my balcony in one of the countries I have been living in Europe.

It was early spring, you could see no leaf has started to grow yet in the background. Flocks of those birds were actively approaching residential areas to look for food. To get them closer to me, I tried to hang different types of food on the balcony to attract their attention.

Apple pieces were their favorite. They were waiting for me to go inside so that they could peck on the apple pieces in a net-bag I have put up for them.

A few facts about this wild bird:

This ring-necked parakeet, also known as rose-ringed parakeet, is a medium-sized parrot.

It is native to Africa and South Asia. It has been introduced into many other parts of the world through the exotic pet trade. After some of these birds escaped to the wild world, and gradually some of them managed to adapt themselves to the new environment, such as the much colder Western and even Northern Europen countries and other parts of the world where feral populations have established themselves.

This “Ring-necked Parakeet” is under the category of beautiful lives in Claire Yang’s Gallery.


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