African Eagle in Kruger Park

“African Eagle” taken in 2014. Copyright © Claire Yang

I spotted this African Eagle in Kruger Park in South Africa in 2014. It is Identified as “Tawny Eagle” after I have done some careful comparison with online information.

No one would know I have taken this picture from a still moving safari vehicle if I don’t tell you. We started the safari trip to the park really early that morning (5 AM). Only early enough, we would have a chance to spot some interesting animals, such as the big 5 in Africa if lucky.

Well, this picture was another lucky occasion. It was standing on the top of a dead tree under the deadly blue sky. And it was watching us passing by with its right eye. We were moving slowly, but its world was so silent, and I could feel the time has nearly stopped. My camera shutter broke the silence in the vehicle, and only I have grasped the chance to take a picture of this bird!

Luckily the car was a bit far away from the bird. Before that eagle noticed us, we have already left. When I looked back, I could see that bird didn’t move a tiny bit after we drove away. The inhabitants of the park must have got used to visitors like us, or it was simply focusing on spotting its next meal. Who knows?!

This picture of “African Eagle in Kruger Park” is under the category of beautiful lives in Claire Yang’s Gallery.


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