Beautiful Tulips at Keukenhof

beautiful tulips at Keukenhof
Tulips at Keukenhof, the Netherlands in April 2013. Copyright © Claire Yang

It is the season for tulips again. My visit to Keukenhof has been an extraordinary experience. I have taken a few hundreds of pictures over there on that day, entirely overwhelmed by more than a million tulips in one single garden. 

Everyone should go there at least once in his lifetime. Just go there and get overwhelmed by the oceans of tulips! That’s it. 

It’s sad to read that this beautiful garden can’t open this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus has been hitting the world very hard ever since the Chinese New Year (23 Jan 2020) as an epidemic in China (Wuhan). Unfortunately, it was spread to the world no matter how hard my Chinese folks have tried to confine it within China.  

At this very moment, I post this single picture of tulips representing the millions of beautiful tulips in that garden. My goal is to recall the beautiful memories I had back then; also to advocate the concept of how essential nature is to us. 

We must befriend nature, not go against it. Otherwise, the great mother nature will only hit us back very hard with its full power. In front of mother nature, human beings are certainly going to lose. 

Let’s hope this pandemic is going to end soon, and we all should learn the lesson to be friends with nature, though in a tough way.

COVID-19 is not the first lesson we have got from nature. But hopefully, it is the last. Possibly, the world will finally adopt new patterns of life and work style, and something healthier and more positive will appear in both political and economic environment globally after all the dust settles eventually.

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