Beautiful Summer Flower – Gaura

Gaura is a genus of flowering plants in the family Onagraceae, native to North America. The genus includes many species known commonly as beeblossoms.
Beautiful Summer Flower – Gaura. Taken in China, 2020, Copyright © Claire Yang

This Beautiful Summer Flower – Gaura is a genus of flowering plants in the family Onagraceae, native to North America. It’s also known commonly as beeblossoms.

I noticed this lovely and Beautiful Summer Flower – Gaura in the neighborhood while I was walking outside after a few rainy days, taking a break from work to get some fresh air. I needed some fresh air desperately 😉

Fresh air is something luxurious these days because of the pandemic. We are supposed to stay indoors as much as possible still – even if we know the numbers linked to the COVID-19 in China have dropped to some minimum level. The situation here has already appeared stable for some time, comparing to that in the rest of the world.

We can not go out yet as freely as we would like to, according to the authorities here and probably everywhere around the globe. We still can not take it easy, even if there are many more people outside now than a few months ago. Wearing a mask has become a convention everywhere, even if the types of masks that most people use daily are proven to be not helpful to protect us from getting infected. But we must wear one no matter what.

The summer is here already. And we have noticed that it’s getting more challenging to keep any mask on all the time. Luckily I got to see these lovely flowers with nobody around me. I could take off my mask and have myself immersed in them to feel its beauty and elegance.

Gaura in China

The word Gaura has a Greek origin, meaning “superb”. In China, this imported small flower has got quite a few more poetic and vivid names such as “千鸟花、白蝶草、宿根草、千鸟花、白蝶花、玉蝶花、白桃花”. All these names mean nothing but “thousands of birds”, “white butterflies” or “jade butterflies” or something alike literally. This flower has also got some symbolic meanings, such as “justice, peace in mind and freedom 正义、清静、自由” for its elegance and quietness comparing to other large-sized flowers blooming in the same season. Isn’t it “superb” in a different way?

This flower represents well how I would like to live my life. However, we know life is never going to be as idealistic as one would like to have. What we can do is to always hope for the best and look forward than backward 🙂

This “Beautiful Summer Flower – Gaura” is under the category of beautiful lives in Claire Yang’s Gallery.


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